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The Grim Reaper and I have been pals for a little over 25 years. Well, ‘pals’ might not be the best term for it. Business associates would be more like it. See, I’ve had a working relationship with Death for over a quarter of a century while employed as a forensic death investigator. During that time, I’ve seen almost every way possible for a person to die. I’ve seen ol’ Grim’s cruelty in all its forms, and despite it all, I’ve never lost my senes of wonder (or humor) over this thing we call Life.


And as I’ve gotten to know Grimmy pretty well over the years, I’ve also made the acquaintance of some of his associates. Religion, being one. Whether the more traditional (I’m an ordained Baptist minister, myself) or the more esoteric like Voodoo, Santeria, or Palo Mayombe. I’ve gotten to know them all. I’ve two-stepped with various Death Cults and dosey doed with almost every folk custom or belief there is regarding Death and beyond. 


So it’ll probably come as no surprise to anyone that I eventually became an author. Well, technically, I consider myself a storyteller. I’ll leave the authoring to those more accomplished than I. To me, it’s all about spinning a good yarn. Of bringing tingles down your spine. Of making you chuckle here and there. And I do that by weaving tales involving all the folktales I can muster and twisting and shaping them into stories everyone will enjoy. And with no cussing, sex, or overly graphic violence (more cartoonish violence than anything) in my books, I can promise you they’re good for the whole family as well. So, if you like humorous tales of the Grim Reaper or spine-tingling haint stories from the hills of Kentucky or even just classic creature features, you might want to give my books a try. I think you might just like them. 






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